Keeping Children Safe in Education Update 2021

Keeping Children Safe in Education Updates 2021

  • Effective from the 1st September 2021
  • Makes it clear that safeguarding and child protection should be at the forefront and underpin all relevant aspects of process and policy development in schools and colleges.  Safeguarding is every bodies responsibility.
  • All staff are aware of the process for making referrals to children’s social care and for statutory assessments under the Children Act 1989, especially) section 17 (children in need) and section 47 (a child suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm) that may follow a referral, along with the role they might be expected to play in such assessments”.
  • Staff need to feel confident in recognising and reporting peer on peer abuse, sexual violence and harassment and online safety. These are key focuses in the new KCSIE document.